Best SSB Interview Coaching in India

Senaabhyas Coaching in Agra provides SSB interview coaching. Their experienced trainers offer personalized guidance and coaching services. Senaabhyas’ holistic approach to interview preparation focuses on building candidates’ personality while honing SSB interview readiness skills. Some features of their coaching program are:

Senaabhyas provides comprehensive study material for candidates appearing for an SSB interview. Our guides cover all aspects of this important process.

  1. Customized coaching: They specialize in offering tailored coaching to candidates based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Senaabhyas offers mock interviews to prepare candidates for an SSB interview and provides feedback and guidance after every mock interview.
  2. Group Discussions: Group discussions are an integral component of an SSB interview and Senaabhyas regularly conducts them to help candidates improve their communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Psychological Testing: Senaabhyas offers coaching for the psychological tests administered during an SSB interview. Their team can help candidates understand and take part in all necessary psychological exams successfully.

SSB Coaching Center in India

SSB Coaching Center: If you have it in you then the Indian Armed Forces are the best organization to make your career and The Senaabhyas Educational Center is the SSB Coaching Center, and Defence Coaching located in Central India.

The requirement to be met by a training institute for SSB is unique. Unlike written exam classes where an instructor can take on 100 or more students at one go or one can study through online classes, here the need is personal attention, SSB Coaching Center, at ‘Senaabhyas’ this is our main focus. And for this is the reason we don’t train for just 2 weeks, we do it for 25 working days i.e. 4 weeks.

Best SSB Coaching Center In India
SSB Coaching Center

The reason for 25 days is simple it is a test of your personality and at Senaabhyas you are made aware of your shortcomings if any and then given time to improve under our supervision so that at SSB you don’t feel wanting and do not let clearing the SSB more of ‘Luck by Chance’. As it is said ‘practice makes a person perfect’ so we give a lot of emphasis on revision and practice from day 13 onwards (take a look at our training schedule)

SSB Coaching Center

It is for this very reason we keep our batch size limited; cost of training low and focus on individual improvement paramount because “selection yah Ek zidd hai”.

  • Psychological Test: These are carried out by specially trained psychologists in a given time frame.
  • GTO’s Tests: These tests are carried out face to face on the ground in which the testing officer judges the qualities based on the performance shown by candidates on the ground, under stress.
  • Interviewing Officer’s Test: The President or Deputy President interviews the candidate. He evaluates the traits of the personality of the candidate. SSB Coaching Center, The interviewing officer generally divides his method of an interview into two parts. One is the generic test. Where the interviewer puts up the Routine questions. The other one is a situation-based test.

All three tests are conducted independently.

ServicesSSB Center LocationName of SSB Center
  Allahabad, UP Selection Centre East (SCE)
  Bhopal, MP Selection Centre Central (SCC)
  Bangalore, KA Selection Centre South (SCS)
  Ropar, PB (proposed) Selection Centre North (SCN)
  Bhopal, MP 33 SSB, SCC
  Bangalore, KA 12 SSB, SCS
  Coimbatore, TN Naval Selection Board (NSB), Agrani
  Visakhapatnam, AP NSB Visakhapatnam
Air Force
  Dehradun, UK 1 AFSB
  Mysore, KA 2 AFSB
  Gandhinagar, GJ 3 AFSB
  Varanasi, UP 4 AFSB

Our Experienced Faculty Provide Assistance To Aspirant To Get Commission In India.

At our institute, our team of knowledgeable faculty members is focused on helping aspirants become commissioned Indian Armed Forces soldiers. We offer extensive preparation for the Service Selection Board interview (SSB), an integral step in this selection process.

Our Coaching Program:-

Our coaching program aims to strengthen candidates’ personalities while honing their communication and interpersonal skills. Our faculty provides personalized guidance to each candidate based on his or her individual strengths and weaknesses; we believe each candidate holds great potential to thrive; therefore we work towards unlocking it.

At our school, we provide extensive study material covering every aspect of SSB interviews to our candidates. In addition, we conduct regular mock interviews and group discussions for them to practice before their actual SSB interview takes place. After every mock interview session, faculty members provide feedback and guidance that helps improve performance and help the students improve.

Best SSB Coaching Interview Training:

Coaching candidates for the Services Selection Board  interview (SSB), we also provide coaching for any psychological tests they might face during an SSB interview. Our faculty members assist candidates in understanding these tests, offering tips to perform effectively during them.

Overall, our institute is dedicated to offering exceptional SSB interview coaching for aspirants who wish to join India’s Defence forces. We strive to make a positive difference in their lives and help them realize their dreams.

How many Days Does an SSB Interview Take Place

The Service Selection Board interview (SSB interview) is a multi-stage selection process held over five days for candidates applying to become officer level recruits of India Armed Forces. SSB interview includes psychological tests, group tasks, personal interviews and physical tests in order to evaluate potential officers among applicants for entry level entry positions in Armed Forces.

Day-1 for an SSB Interview-:

On Day-1 of an SSB interview, candidates are required to report to a designated reporting center and be briefed on various stages and rules and regulations of an SSB interview process. Candidates will then receive their chest number and personal information forms before spending the rest of the day getting acquainted with their surroundings while resting well so as to be mentally prepared for an interview process that begins the following day.

Day-2 for an SSB Interview-:

On Day-2 of an SSB interview, testing procedures commence. This typically starts with several psychological assessments like Thematic Apperception Tests (TAT), Word Association Tests (WAT), and Situation Reaction Tests (SRT), designed to assess personality, thinking and decision-making abilities of candidates. Later in the day, candidates undergo a group testing process that includes activities like group discussions, planning exercises and outdoor tasks. Candidates are divided into groups and assessed on their ability to work as part of a team, communicate effectively and solve problems under pressure.

At the conclusion of each day, individual interviews are conducted with all candidates to evaluate their personal traits, ambitions and reasons for joining the Armed Forces. At this point, feedback will also be given regarding performance thus far and an overview of tomorrow’s schedule will also be given.

Day 3 and 4 for an SSB Interview-:

On Day-3 of an SSB interview, candidates undergo various physical fitness tests aimed at gauging their physical fitness. Candidates take part in various physical exercises including running 1.6 km, push-ups/sit-ups sets and obstacle courses to assess physical stamina/endurance levels. These evaluations seek to gauge physical ability as a precursor to success on an obstacle course course.

Later in the day, each candidate meets with the President of the Board, the highest-ranking officer on the panel, for an interview to assess his/her overall suitability for military service and answer any pertinent questions regarding background, motivation and future goals.

Day 5 for an SSB Interview-:

On Day-5 of an SSB interview, candidates attend the final phase, known as the conference. All five board members who evaluated them throughout their five-day process conduct this conference and present their evaluation of each candidate present at it.

Table Header Table Header
Screening Test
Psychological Tests
Group Testing
Personal Interview

Overview Of SSB Interview:-

At this conference, board members discuss each candidate’s performance before making their selection decision. It takes place behind closed doors; candidates cannot attend.

Once the conference is concluded, each candidate is called in individually to be informed of their results. Those selected for hire receive joining letters while those not chosen receive feedback on their performance.

Once results are announced, candidates are permitted to leave the selection center. While SSB interviews can be challenging and rigorous, they provide candidates an invaluable opportunity to showcase their abilities and fulfill their dream of joining Indian Armed Forces as officers.

Complete Marking Scheme For An SSB Interview:

The Services Selection Board Interview (SSB Interview) is an intensive selection process which assesses each candidate for entry into Indian Armed Forces. The marking scheme for an SSB Interview includes:

Screening Test: On the first day of an interview, candidates take part in a screening test designed to evaluate their performance in two tests: Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT). Each of these exams has 200 marks; in order to pass, candidates must score at least 50% and obtain at least half as many marks than required in order to progress with further interviews.

Psychological Tests: Psychological testing takes place on the second day of interviews, and candidates are evaluated based on their performance in three tests: Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), and Situation Reaction Test (SRT). Psychological tests carry up to 300 marks total for evaluation purposes.

Group Testing: The group testing process takes place over two days and features activities like group discussions, group planning exercises and outdoor tasks. Maximum marks available in the testing are 400; candidates are judged based on their ability to work as part of a team, communicate effectively and solve problems under pressure.

Personal Interview: On the third and fourth days of an interview process, candidates are evaluated based on their overall personality, motivation, and suitability for service in the Armed Forces. A maximum score is assigned for this component – 200 marks can be scored in this stage of selection.

Conference: The conference is the final stage of an interview, during which board members discuss each candidate’s performance and make their selection decision. There are 150 marks available to evaluate this stage.

The total marks for an SSB Interview are 1100; candidates must score at least 50% marks in each stage to progress to the next. Candidates are ultimately chosen based on their overall performance at an SSB Interview – including physical fitness testing and medical exams.

MKC 14-Day SSB Training

MKC (Major Kalshi Classes) offers a 14-Day SSB Training program for candidates who are preparing for the SSB Interview. The program is designed to help candidates develop their personality, communication skills, and leadership qualities, which are essential for a career in the Indian Armed Forces.

The 14-Day SSB Training program includes the following:

Day Program
Introduction to SSB Interview and Screening Tests
Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test Coaching
Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT) Coaching
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Coaching
Word Association Test (WAT) Coaching
Situation Reaction Test (SRT) Coaching
Lecturette and Group Planning Exercise Coaching
Progressive Group Task (PGT) Coaching
Half Group Task (HGT) Coaching
Individual Obstacles and Lecture Coaching
Command Task (CT) and Final Group Task (FGT) Coaching
Personal Interview Coaching
Conference and Result Declaration
Feedback and Preparation for Medical Examination

The program includes coaching and practice sessions for each stage of the SSB Interview, including the screening test, psychological tests, group testing, personal interview, conference, and feedback. Candidates are also provided with guidance and coaching on how to prepare for the medical examination, which is an essential part of the selection process. The program is conducted by experienced faculty members who have a thorough understanding of the SSB Interview process and can provide candidates with valuable insights and feedback to help them improve their performance

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