Daily Schedule


Day 1


Introduction About SSB


OIR Explanation

OIR Practice

Day 2

Revision of Day 1

PPDT Technique

PPDT Practice and GD

Disccussion on PPDT

Current Affairs

Day 3

Revision of Day 2

WAT Technique

WAT Prcatice

WAT Discussion

Practice of OIR

Day 4

SRT Technique

SRT Practice

Discussion on SRT

PPDT Practice & GD

Current Affairs

Day 5

Introduction to GTO

GD Technique

GD Practice

Outdoor GTO

Current Affairs

Day 6

GPE technique

GPE Practice

GPE Discussion         


Current Affairs         

Day 7

Intro to & Lecturette

Lecturette Practice

GD Practice

Intro. to TAT

GTO Outdoor

Day 8

Practice & discussion on TAT

Day 9

Discussion on TAT

Day 10

PIQ Filling

Intro to Interview technique

Interview question

Current Affairs


Day 11

Outdoor Practice

Outdoor Practice

Mock Inetrview

Mock Inetrview

WAT Practice

Day 12

SDT Technique

SDT Practice

Mock Interview Prcatice

Current Affairs

Overall Revision

Day 13 to 25

  Practice of 3 more of each psychological tests and personal discussion of each,
Practice on 3 more GPE & discussion
Lecturette and GD practice
Practice on PPDT & OIR tests
Regular Current Affairs

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